Design Fees and Information

How Do You Work & What Do You Charge?


We work primarily on an hourly basis. The rate is $95 per hour. We charge for time when working on drawings, sourcing products, or visiting a job site or showroom for your project.  We do not bill $95 for each person when we are on a job site together. The hourly fee is task oriented & we are happy to discuss. Hours are usually billed at the end of the month.


If we’re able to accommodate your project, we will schedule a get-to-know-you meeting to visit your site. This meeting is for the discussion of your project, how it will fit into our schedule and how we can help you achieve your goals. (See “how to prepare for our first meeting”)


After our initial meeting we write up a Design Agreement where we describe the services you are requesting. After you sign the agreement accompanied with the retainer we can get started. The retainer is held until the end of the project and is then applied to your last invoice.

After everything is selected and designed, quotes for furnishings and items we present are obtained from showrooms, vendors, workrooms. Then we input all that information and formulate our proposals. Clients then pay their deposit and we place the orders. Since many items are custom and almost all vendors need to be paid by us in full prior to installation, we require an 80% deposit on all purchases. Once a client puts down their deposit we don’t charge any more for time spent on that item. Time spent is included in the cost. All purchases are made through the design firm. If a client wants to shop retail, and wants us to handle it through our studio, a 15% mark up is added to retail items.


Nothing is ordered until we receive your deposit and it has been cleared for use in our account. So, for instance, if a client pays via PayPal, the transaction might not be complete until 2-3 days after the payment was initiated. Once that money actually makes its way into our account that is when the ordering will begin.

The final balance includes the remaining 20% that’s due, as well as charges for freight, delivery and installation, and it must be paid at the time of installation.


Furniture purchased from manufacturers requires shipment to a warehouse that has a dock and is always staffed during business hours. They will not ship to a residence. Davis Rogers Interiors only uses companies who are insured and have all the necessary equipment and manpower for receiving, warehousing, delivery, and installation. All designers use these types of services, that is unless they have some kind of a dock at their own business locations. When a client’s piece of furniture comes in, it is uncrated, inspected for damages, we are notified of its arrival we then either: A. store the client’s item until the rest of their things come in; or B. we schedule home delivery for the item at that time. The cost of this service is added on to the final monthly billing, and is calculated depending on the types of items delivered and how many there are. Freight charges from the manufacturer to the warehouse are additional. They can vary depending on the size, type of item, and weight. Sometimes we can get freight charges estimated at the time of the initial quote, but other times we cannot.


We can typically give you a ballpark range for the design fee for your project when we submit the Agreement and identify a budget. That estimate is based on our experience with past projects. However, the big variable here is you and your unique circumstances. Since we are just getting to know each other at this point, please realize that decision making, trust, the need to see many options, etc., all affect the length of the design portion of a job, thereby affecting the fee. While we go to great lengths to get you comfortable with your design and to provide you with options if needed, time spent on continuous revisions and re-selections has to be billed.

It’s very difficult to put flat fees on projects since all of them are so unique and different. That’s why most designers, us included, charge hourly.

Our minimum “Full Service” project design fee is $3000, no matter how small the job. Most of our project design fees average $5000 or more.