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Room Styling

The Implementation

STEP 4: Agreement

You are ready to move forward with your design, and you want the DRI Team to implement and oversee your project. You have approved your project proposal, signed our design agreement and paid your deposit. Time to get working!

STEP 5: Contractors

We now bring contractors on board to begin getting concrete quotes. We start gathering pricing and lead times to schedule your work to begin.

STEP 6: Purchase & Manage

Once you approve quotes, the contractors will begin their trade work, and we will begin placing orders. We will never okay a purchase without your consent. During the Contractor phase, we will oversee that all of the details of your design are implemented as envisioned. Solutions are provided when changes are necessary, and all finished work meets our high standards.

STEP 7: Punch Out

This is a crucial point in the design where we now walk with you (the client), and the contractors with blue tape and point out anything that may need to be addressed or corrected. Sometimes it can be minor, and sometimes there may be several touch-ups. Point them all out in this stage! Once all punch out is complete, it will be time to add the finishing touches.

From styling a room to complete interior makeovers, Davis Rogers Interiors has the experience and the skill to transform your ordinary place into an extraordinary space!

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