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The Transformation

STEP 8: Decorating

Everything has been checked off and all deliveries have been received. Rather it’s one room, or a whole home, these final details really allow the magic of the transformation to come to life. During this time, we pour our hearts into leaving this space as extraordinary as envisioned. We ask you give us this time to complete this phase (no peeking allowed), so we can truly give you the reveal you deserve.

STEP 9: Photoshoot

We will take our “after” photos for our portfolio, and sometimes social-media. We then will do one final fluff.

STEP 10: The Reveal

Welcome home! All of the waiting is over, and it is our pleasure to walk you through your new space revealing all of the carefully crafted details. We hope you enjoy it for many years to come!

From styling a room to complete interior makeovers, Davis Rogers Interiors has the experience and the skill to transform your ordinary place into an extraordinary space!

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